TXZ 36 Gallon Single Stream

TXZ 36 Gallon Single Stream

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The TXZ 36 Gallon Single Stream’s sturdy design withstands heavy use in any outdoor high traffic area. This receptacle features a sturdy design & ergonomic front deposit openings. Designed with 97% recycled HDPE plastic, the TXZ is completely recyclable, making it a proper cradle-to-cradle recycling station that’s ideal for any business environmental initiative or LEED certification. The TXZ’s waste streams can be easily emptied by facility staff through its front service doors. Avoid the accumulation of dirt and debris; this receptacle’s slanted roof design self-cleans with rainfall.

If you’re looking to change the number streams without replacing your entire recycling bin, the TXZ 36 Gallon can be re-configured as a double stream.

Features & Benefits

  • Cradle-to-cradle; 97% HDPE recycled content made from milk jugs and plastic bags
  • Unique liners with changeable dividers
  • Front service, front deposit
  • Rigid liner included
  • Upper graphic panel for a more visible waste stream
  • Drainage holes inside prevent buildup of liquid from spills, leaks or weather
  • Interchangeable openings to ensure better participation or to add another waste stream
  • Complete with one integrated 23.25” x 5.25” Quick-Change Label per compartment

Stock Posters

Beverage Containers (Blue)
Cans & Bottles (Blue)
Cardboard (Gray)
Compost (Green)
E-Waste (Black)
Food Waste (Green)
Garbage (Black)
Landfill (Black)
Mixed Paper (Gray)
Mixed Recycling (Blue)
Organics (Green)
Plastic Bags (Blue)
Plastic Bottles (Blue)
Recycling (Blue)
Trash (Black)
Waste (Black)

Stock Labels

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$ 1,655.00 On Sale
$1,455.00 USD
$200 off until April 22, 2024

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6 - 8 Weeks
36 Gallons
27.25" W x 19.00" D x 52.76" H / 44.10" H (rear)
123 lbs
Includes Liners With Changeable Dividers
Stock Colors
Adobe Clay
Dove Gray
Earth Brown
Forest Green
Marine Blue
Raven Black
Storm Gray
Warm Cedar