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Vanish Dispenser & Waste Combo

Quantity (Min. 18)

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The Vanish is perfect for sanitizing wipe dispensing and a waste collection below. With a smooth and classic design, the Vanish will complement any space while allowing the ideal surface for customized labeling. The wipes dispenser area accommodates any size of wipe container, either hardshell or large volume rolls.

With front door servicing, a locking cabinet, and compact space-saving design, the Vanish is an easy choice for any office high traffic area or public spaces.


  • Coated high-density & moisture resistant with excellent dimensional stability
  • Vanish Receptacles are composed primarily of natural materials local to manufacturing
  • All Vanish Receptacles use a low energy, resource-efficient manufacturing and curing process
  • All Vanish receptacle components disassemble at the end of life and are fully recyclable
  • Low maintenance and extremely long service life
  • Manufactured in North America
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Quantity (Min. 18)

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2 - 3 weeks
6 Gallons
13.25" W x 13" D x 31.75" H
36 lbs
Includes Rigid Liners
Standard Colors