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Wave Stainless Steel Triple


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The Wave Triple Stream indoor waste & recycling container combines functionality and flexibility. Ideal for convention centers, shopping malls, and other indoor environments that demand fire resistance, the Wave is designed for safety and durability in mind. If you are looking to complement your stylish interior decor, this receptacle is the perfect choice for your facility's waste and recycling needs. With its pivot bag frame, staff can easily secure bags for recyclables and waste. Featuring customizable labels and easy-access opening plates, the Wave Triple Stream will ensure proper waste diversion in any facility atriums, offices, breakrooms, and other commercial spaces. The Wave is also available as a double stream bin. Custom labels available upon request.

Standard Receptacle Openings

Wave TripleWave Triple

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2 - 4 days
3 x 26 Gallons
30.7" W x 15.4" D x 44.1" H
117 lbs
Standard Colors
Stainless Steel/Black