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Wave 45 Gallon – Double Stream

$ 665.00 USD

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The Wave Series Recycling Containers are your ‘built to suit’ solution and are optimally suited for areas where recycling & waste is collected in high volumes. Featuring heavy duty removable liners with grip handles, washable surface and hinged lid. These easy-to-empty and maintain 45-gallon recycling bins are efficient for both user and employee.

The Wave Series is the best recycling container for food courts, cafeterias, restaurants, and fast-food chains. The Wave features a secure space on the lid for nesting food trays, a side-hinged lid for easy collection, and a heavy duty liner for easy removal and cleaning. Custom opening shapes, colors, and labels are available for this 45-gallon recycling bin. Openings are available on 1, 2, 3 or all 4 sides, and the top can have an opening or can serve as a collection point for cafeteria trays.  The Wave is also available as a single stream recycling container.

Features & Benefits

  • 45-gallon recycling bin has secure lid space for food trays or paper
  • Custom openings, colors (250+ Units) and labels available
  • Optional signage frames for advertising opportunities
  • Rotationally molded, durable container
  • Perfect fit bags available for bin liners (available for Double only)

Stock Receptacle Openings

Rectangle (Black) & Circle (Blue)Rectangle (Black) & Circle (Blue)

Stock Labels

  • Bottles Only
  • Cans & Bottles
  • Cans Only
  • Compost
  • Glass Only
  • Mixed Recyclables
  • Organics
  • Paper Only
  • Recyclables
  • Recycling
  • Waste
  • Waste Only
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$ 665.00 USD

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2 - 4 weeks
2 x 22.5 Gallons
24.25”W x 22.5”D x 42”H
40 lbs
Includes Rigid Liners
Opening Colors

Body Colors