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Octo Front Loading Receptacle

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The versatile Octo Front Loading Receptacle is the perfect choice for a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. From commercial retail entrances, gas stations, to restaurant kitchens and food vendor areas, the Octo's modern design will compliment any facility recycling program without sacrificing practicality. These receptacles feature 8 flat sides, allowing for 360° of visual labeling; ensuring you maximize your waste diversion.

Features & Benefits

  • Combine this modular unit for multi-stream recycling in any indoor or outdoor space
  • Weighted base to keeps the receptacle in place outdoors
  • Liner can be easily removed for maintenance and cleaning
  • Sloped lid helps keeps precipitation out and discourages users from leaving items on top
  • Colored opening plates available to increase your diversion rates

Standard Receptacle Openings

Rectangle (Black)Rectangle (Black)
Rectangle (Blue)Rectangle (Blue)
Rectangle (Green)Rectangle (Green)

Standard Posters

Cans & Bottles (Blue)
Organics (Green)
Paper (Green)
Paper (Grey)
Recycling (Black)
Waste (Black)
Waste (Grey)

Standard Labels

Cans & Bottles
Compost (Green)
Mixed Recyclables
Organics (Green)
Paper (Green)
Paper (Grey)
Waste (Black)
Waste (Grey)
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Model Info Accessories
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2 - 4 weeks
32 Gallons
15.75" W x 15.75" D x 48.5" H
35 lbs
Includes Rigid Liners
Top Colors

Body Colors