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Evolve Triple Cube

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The Evolve Triple Cube recycling station offers a unique style for multi-functional waste and recycling collection at an economical price. Each Evolve receptacle can be utilized as stand-alone receptacles or gathered together as a central recycling station. These receptacles feature a thermoformed ABS lid with a brushed pewter film, giving it a stylish touch for any interior space.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable textured LDPE body masks wear and tear on the container
  • Unlimited modular variations available
  • Easy-to-manage pivoted bag retention systems
  • Numerous optional kits available for customization
  • Highly durable brushed pewter lid finish
  • Large capacity is ideal for high-traffic areas

Standard Receptacle Openings

Standard Labels

Mixed Opening

Recyclables (Cube - Commingle Only)

Slot Opening

Paper Only (Cube - Slot Only)

Square Opening

Compostables (Cube)
Landfill (Cube)
Organics (Cube)
Recyclables (Cube)
Trash Only (Cube)
Waste Only (Cube)

Circle Opening

Cans & Bottles (Circle Opening)
Cans Only (Circle Opening)
Plastic Only (Circle Opening)
Refundables (Circle Opening)
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Model Info Accessories
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2 - 4 weeks
3 x 50 Gallons
60" W x 20" D x 30"H
52 lbs
Top Colors
Brushed Pewter Film

Body Colors