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Euro Waste & Recycling Combo


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Tackle any outdoor weather with the Euro Waste & Recycling Receptacles. Designed for durability, these double-wall textured LDPE receptacles hide wear and tear in any outdoor high traffic area. These units have a hollow base, which allows for an optional weighted base. Each receptacle features a canopy top will help deflect precipitation out of your waste streams. In addition, the Euro features a front access door for easy & ergonomic servicing. The Euro Receptacle's rounded edges also discourage the build up of dirt. If required, the Euro can handle power washing too. The Euro's simple and stylish appearance includes a large recycling decal to visually designate the disposal of waste & recyclables.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable for any weather conditions
  • Simple collection management
  • Liners Included
  • Canopy Top is perfect for outdoors
  • Fully lockable to help keep recycling or waste contents
  • Includes waste & recycling decals

Standard Labels

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1 week
2 x 36 Gallons
22.875" W x 22.75" D x 44.55" H (per unit)
89 lbs
Includes Rigid Liners
Stock Colors