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Boka Outdoor Single Stream


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The modern and sleek Boka Outdoor Single Stream indoor container combines functionality and flexibility. Designed for safety and durability, the Boka Outdoor Single Stream is ideal for convention centers, shopping malls and other outdoor environments around you facility that demand fire resistance. With it's pivoted bag frame, staff can easily secure bags for recyclables or waste. The user-friendly Boka Outdoor Single Stream features prominently labelled openings; ensuring proper waste diversion in any facility atriums, offices, breakrooms and other commercial spaces. The Boka is also available as a double or triple stream bin.

Features & Benefits

  • Attractive stainless steel design with a powder coated black lid
  • Equipped with triangle lock, hinged lid and pivoted bag frame
  • Self-extinguishing bin - the unique shape of the lid directs the combustion gases, cuts off the oxygen supply and extinguishes the fire
  • Optional sorting labels, cans & bottles and paper openings

Standard Receptacle Openings


Standard Labels

Cans & Bottles - Blue
Mixed Recyclables - Blue
Waste - Black
Waste - Red
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2 - 4 weeks
21 Gallons
16 3/8”W x 43”H
20.15 lbs
Standard Colors
Stainless Steel/Black