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About Us

Looking for one recycling container or thousands of wipe dispensers? Waste Wise Products can help. We have the expertise to recommend wipe dispensers, recycling bins, benches, picnic tables, message centers, material handling & utility carts and ashtrays for your facility's program. Call or email us with your questions and we will be happy to help you.

Why Choose Us

  • Customize to your exterior or interior design
  • Competitive pricing that rivals buying direct
  • Wide product selection to outfit your entire facility
  • Corporate Branding Customizations

At Waste Wise Products, we guarantee our service makes us the best solution for business furnishings!

Looking for one recycling container or thousands? Waste Wise Products can help. We have the expertise to recommend the right containers, recycling bins, benches, picnic tables, material handling & utility carts and ashtrays for your facility's program.

Reviews from our customers

I had a great experience working with and ordering from Waste Wise Products. They had a wide variety of waste receptacle options, great pricing and on time delivery.

~ Cory P. Minnesota Vikings

Very helpful staff, great selection of products, was able to work with staff to order custom signage.

~ Mandi M. Sustainability Coordinator
Sierra Nevada

Thank you for your partnership we are pleased with the quality of the product and looking forward to working with you in the future.

~ Fabian M. Director of Event Operations
Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld

We've heard nothing but positive feedback regarding the appearance of the stations.

~ David K. Christie Digital Systems Inc.

The entire SRC at St. Clair is very pleased with our purchase!

~ Ben S. SRC Director

Our Story


Born out of the waste industry, with the help of his father's guidance, Paul DeConinck started Waste Wise Products as a small one-man division of a bin rental company in Windsor, Ontario Canada. With his driven passion for sales, product expertise & customer service skills, he saw opportunity in the commercial sector. At the time is was mostly just the different levels of government and places of higher education that were recycling.

There weren’t a lot of recycling bin options other than large 95 Gallon push carts. Realizing the impracticality of their design, Waste Wise Products aimed to fill the gap by providing more visually appealing and compact recycling bins. All it took was 8 simple products, an owl logo and answering a classified business advertisement in a national newspaper for a “recycling bin distributor" to hit the ground running.


We launched our first website, which was more of a collection of brochure pages. Few people had heard the term SEO and we weren't one of the few. Since our site was brand new and had little or no ranking, we relied on making cold calls, yellow pages, trade shows and print media.

2006 / 2008

Over the next decade, Waste Wise Products had an established rapport with some of the largest recycling and waste receptacle suppliers in North America. By 2008, our product catalog had grown, and so had our success. From that point forward Waste Wise Products became a leading independent recycling bin distributor company in the US and Canada.

2010 / 2011

As Waste Wise Products continued to grow, we decided to up our game by moving to a larger office in Toronto with a product showroom and warehouse. In 2011, we rebranded to appeal to our a more corporate and C-suite audience and began to further expand our product line into site furnishings with the goal of making Waste Wise Products an all-inclusive, one-stop shop for business furnishings.


As the design for recycling products and furnishings began to mature, and architects and interior designers became more prominent within our new and existing clientele, Waste Wise Products started to re-focus our client umbrella. To match their finishing expectations, we added high-end recycling stations featuring high-quality stainless steel and laminate products.

2014 / 2016

As our product photography improved, supplier offerings & distribution increased, and our ever-increasing online database continued to expand, our online presence began to overtake our needs for a physical showroom. Thus, our office started our transition towards pushing our online presence. On our 20th Anniversary, we launched into our ever-changing journey in e-commerce. We also increased our reach with architects and interior designers by beginning our endeavor with cadDetails; allowing our products to be spec’d in for long-term sustainable business construction projects.

Moving Forward

Today, with over 14 suppliers throughout the US & Canada, Waste Wise Products continues to grow our distribution throughout North America. In 2017, we officially diversified our company by opening Waste Wise Products LLC in Charlotte, North Carolina.

While we are very grateful for our successes in landing some of the nation's biggest clients, including Toyota, Minnesota Vikings, FedEx & GM, we always remember our roots. To this day, our passion for sales is still as strong as it was in 1996. At Waste Wise Products, we guarantee to deliver on your customer service needs by building trust through a rapport, as we believe our business is more than just our products; it's about the relationships and service we can provide.