TPM 22 Gallon 2 Compartment Trash and Recycling Bin

TPM 22 Gallon – Double Stream

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The TPM Configurable 22 Gallon Double Stream Recycling Container is smart and “future ready.” Designed to make it easy and affordable for businesses to implement recycling programs at their own pace and to adjust to the inevitable changes and learning along the way.  This 2 compartment trash and recycling bin receptacle can also be configured as a single stream.

Features & Benefits

  • This 22-gallon recycling bin has unique liners with changeable dividers.
  • Entry level price point with all the benefits of "Future Ready".
  • Flexibility to “right-size” your capacity with adjustable dividers and change restrictive opening plates.
  • Save space with the maximized capacity-to-footprint ratio – up to 4 streams and 51 gallons in a compact footprint.
  • 2 compartment trash and recycling bin has 2 lid styles – Island and Backboard available for the 51 gallon container to suit the application.
  • Graphics: 2 custom labels included per lid - 2.5” x 21” for the Backboard lid and 3.5” x 21” for the Island lid.
  • To upgrade your containers, the TPM base can be used inside another Future Ready station as a liner and the opening plates can be re-used on the new station.

This unique and forward-thinking 22 gallon recycling bin offers unprecedented flexibility in a compact footprint. Molded from low density polyethylene (LDPE) made from up to 98% recycled content, which is completely recyclable at the end of use, makes the TPM the choice of environmental stewards at all levels.

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6 - 8 Weeks
22 Gallons
22.00" x 12.00" x 33.75"
14 lbs
Includes Liners With Changeable Dividers
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