RISE Double
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RISE Double

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Rise your recycling program above the rest. Conserve space & keep your floors free with the RISE Series Recycling Stations.

Wall-Mount Recycling Right Where You Need It

The RISE can be placed at any desired height in any area, making your waste collection as easy as possible. Each unit securely fits in the metal wall-mount bracket, making each receptacle as stable as possible.

Avoid Contamination

The RISE features effective communication placement with its designated and customizable labels and wall-mounted signage.

Minimize Disruptions In Small Spaces

Design with a compact footprint, each RISE compartment uses 1 square foot of space, making it ideal for hallways, corridors, and other indoor spaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Wall-Mounted
  • Low Profile
  • Simple Installation with an included metal wall-mounted bracket
  • Easy Servicing
  • Keep Floors Clean without moving containers
  • Lid Pivots To Rear of the unit for convenient emptying of each waste stream
  • Ideal bag size 24" x 36"

Standard Receptacle Openings

Square OpeningSquare Opening

Standard Posters

Mixed Recycling (Wall-Mounted)
Organics (Wall-Mounted)
Paper (Wall-Mounted)
Waste (Wall-Mounted)

Standard Labels

Cans & Bottles
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Model Info Accessories
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3 - 5 days
2 x 15 Gallons
28" W x 12 3/4" D x 30 13/16" H
16 lbs
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