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Spreading Holiday Cheer Without Spreading Germs

As the holidays approach, families will get together, friends meet up, and everyone is packing into airports, train stations, and bus terminals trying to travel anywhere and everywhere. Unfortunately, germs and viruses also come along for the ride. So how can we avoid delivering a holiday present of the flu or a cold this year?

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

The best way to stop the spread of germs is to kill them. Antibacterial hand sanitizers are highly effective at killing germs and bacteria. Hand sanitizers are perfect for travel; personal bottles of antibacterial hand sanitizers can go on road trips, on a train, and on the airplane. Public places such as airports and train stations are like germ junctions, harboring all types of cold and flu viruses.

Antibacterial hand sanitizers in the home and at the office will also stop colds from spreading. Sanitize after touching common surfaces, meeting new people, as well as before and after meals. If someone is sick in the home, antibacterial hand sanitizer will help to prevent every family member from sharing the same illness. When friends and family come over to visit, have plenty of hand sanitizer dispensers around the home and in the bathroom.

Seasonal Flu Shot

Vaccinations are another excellent way to fight off illnesses before they can be spread around. Everyone should consider getting an annual seasonal flu shot. Certain types of people in particular are susceptible to the flu and should be vaccinated. This includes children and the elderly and as well as anyone with a compromised immune system. In addition, those with asthma, diabetes, and heart disease should be vaccinated; the flu can exacerbate these conditions.

The flu shot can outright stop a virus from getting someone sick. Otherwise, the shot will severely reduce the duration and severity of the flu. Being vaccinated not only protects the person receiving the shot, but also makes for one less person that can further spread a virus. Especially before the holiday season, getting vaccinated is a gift to everyone in the family.

Healthy Living

It might sound redundant, but living a healthy life is the best way to stay healthy. A strong body will do just as much to prevent the flu as will a shot and antibacterial hand sanitizers. Always get enough sleep to keep the body energized and capable of fighting germs and illnesses. Remember that children need more sleep than adults. A healthy diet, including the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables, will keep the immune system strong as well. A multi-vitamin is the perfect supplement to a good diet. Exercise regularly too; it will keep the body healthy and trim.

Healthy living also includes mental health. Excess stress levels will weaken the body’s defenses. Find a way to take some time to relax and release some stress and tensions. It will make holiday travel much more bearable as well.

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