Simple Solutions To Reduce Waste At Home And The Office

Reusing Your Waste at Home

During any given day, how often do you as an individual throw away waste without thinking of its recycling benefits? Do you have the means to recycle your trash, designated bins set aside for plastic, aluminum, and cardboard? Many waste conscious people have recycling bins in their own home, and lots of public spaces have jumped on board in providing the necessary equipment for us to use when needed. When most people think of recycling, they think of waste like plastic bottles, cans, paper, etc. But what about the food in the fridge? What do you do with the rotten tomato you can no longer eat, or the banana that became too soft to even hold in your hand? 

A simple solution to recycling your food: make your own compost pile. In doing so, you are creating opportunities to put the money you have spent on food to good use as well as reducing waste. Over time, certain foods like veggies from the local market will decompose in the compost pile, making rich soil that you could use to regrow those veggies again!

Recycling in the Work Place

Not many businesses have an indoor recycling bin for guests and employees to get rid of their trash properly. In fact, you probably will not see a trash can around at all in the lobby. One large reason for this could be that many companies find trash cans like these unsightly and off-putting to the decor and the level of professionalism they wish to accomplish. However, a simple solution for a business to cut down on waste is to go paperless. This option would save thousands of dollars and drastically cut down on the trash circulating through the office.

The Effects of Recycling

Recycling has never been more crucial; everyone who contributes to properly ridding their waste helps the environment around us. The smallest change can make the biggest impact on the world. Even sending one paperless statement, or using one biodegradable cup could mean cleaner oceans, less landfills, and the preservation of wildlife around the world. Be the one to start the change in your community and take action in reducing and reusing the waste around you.