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More Recycle Bins are Needed in the Right Areas

More Recycle Bins are Needed in the Right Areas

Recycling is important for conserving our limited of natural resources, by re-processing used materials into new products. Used paper, glass and plastics are collected in recycle bins, sorted, cleaned and then sent to the re-manufactured and used again. Surveys show that the majority of people are recycling.

According to the Bridgestone Earth Day 2013 Consumer Recycling and Sustainability Survey, 86 percent of those surveyed identified themselves as recyclers, which is an amazing increase of 52 percent from two years earlier. Another important statistic is that 36 percent reported that they recycle everything they can, even if it means going to a recycling center.

Recycling makes people feel good, and they are proud of doing their part to protect the environment. The statistics certainly show that the public is aware of the importance of recycling. They also show where improvement can and should be made. What can be done about the gap of 50 percent who say they recycle, but do not recycle everything?

The Harris Interactive Survey on behalf of Environmental Industry Associations from October 29-31, 2013, found that 54 percent of U.S. adults would throw something recyclable in a regular trash receptacle if there was not a nearby recycle bin. Although, 45 percent say they do think about how they dispose of items.

Many, but not all, municipalities have curbside recycling programs. That works well for the home. And 82 percent of Americans report recycling at work, especially for their paper products and break room items. Recycle bins are not always easy to find in public areas though, such as when people are out shopping, dining and traveling.

Americans clearly want to recycle, and they will do so if the option is available. More recycle bins are need in our public spaces — on our busier streets, shopping malls, restaurants, gas stations and public parks.

Infographic: More Recycle Bins are Needed in the Right Areas

If you are involved in a recycling project, Waste Wise Products can help. We supply recycling supplies and bins that are suitable for any public or commercial needs, whether they are shopping centers, restaurants, office buildings or somewhere else.

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